Work Fun Balance

I was invited to shoot stills and animations for the 13th CCPR creative Annual.
The theme of the book was "Work fun Balance" and focused on the joys of working with creativity. I worked closely with the creative director and we had total freedom to create. We started with concept drawings and from there I set out with the prop sourcing and fabrication. Since all of our concepts revolved around plaster hands, I cast all of our hand props (and a foot) in plaster. Molds were done in alginate, pretty much the same way a dentist cast mouth molds for braces.
For scale, some elements had to be built from scratch like the bull-horn, pool steps and envelope, others were just painted like the glasses, tablet and laptop.
Everything was rigged on set using wires and stands and compositions were perfected in camera.
This gave us 16 final images and 6 animations that illustrated the book’s covers, section pages and served as campaign pieces for the award show.
Here you can see some BTS shots and videos of the process.

Don't forget to check out the animation BTS here or check out the project page.