The Undefeated
Black Folk are
Football fans too

Worked with Delcan&Co in fabricating and shooting this image for the Undefeated.

Starting from the concept art I made a stencil and spray-painted it on the large cell foam sheet. Numbers on the stencil helped everithing align and pins held every piece in place while spray painting. I cut the glove layers using a hot wire.

Once we had everithing layed out in camera,
I stenciled the lines to the astro-turf adding a forced perpective to the side lines to give some more energy to the final shot.

Check the project page here.

2018-09-05 00.49.48
2018-09-06 10.48.43_horiz
2018-09-05 18.19.20
2018-09-05 01.44.49