WFH be Like

Life and routine during lockdown was repetitive.

As we adapted and tried to find a new rhythm, I had this idea to show how my mornings, afternoons and nights repeated and repeated.

This stop-motion series was shot from home in isolation.

I started by shooting some quick iPhone tests to get right the mechanics and figure rigging for the movements I wanted to shoot. 

A strong magnet, some armature wire and hot-glue made the perfect rig for the seltzer can and an acrylic cube was more than enough to hold the wine glass at the right angle for the rotation. The black glove kept the glass clean and fingerprint-free for a seamless and fast post also done by me.

Siphoning out the coffee with a straw was the best way I found to make the coffee loop seamless and bubble free.

I love shooting loops because of their rhythm and speed. It’s a single story snippet only a few frames long that can repeat for as long as you like. During those times, working on this served as a little meditation for me and light hearted message for others on harsh times.

Check the project page here.

Check out some bts videos below.