I was invited at an early stage to work with the creatives and producers of VMLY&R on this idea. We brainstormed the how to make this visual concept creating real “Time Bomb” sculptures using plastic debris collected at beaches
around the world.

We came up with a production approach that had our team collecting plastic trash in the New York area beaches and bringing it to studio to create the sculptures. After developing and shooting the first 3 Sculpture Bombs, we connected to Prop Stylist Daryl McGregor and his team to create the remaining 18 sculptures.

Each sculpture used plastic debris collected in a single beach around the world and was named after it. Oour client’s partner institutions had beach clean-ups and sent us the material.

Final touches were done on set, adjusting elements to get the perfect shot.

After the shoot the sculptures were displayed at the UN building in New York City and had a special show and panel at Art Basel Miami.

This series won a Silver Lion at the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival a meda at the NYF and had shortlists at the D&AD, One Show along being featured on Lüerzer's Archive 200 Best Photographers Worldwide book.

Check out the project page here.