Impossible Games
The Penrose Triangle

Inspired by an editorial request, I created this series about board games. Monopoly was my first thought for many reasons. It was one of my favorite games as a kid and somehow it can drag on for days-on-end. Hands throwing dice at a board made a still and money bouncing up and down a hand was the perfect idea for a theme loop. The “infinite” nature of Monopoly and my curiosity for practical effects made this the perfect to create and shoot a long-time favorite visual "The Penrose Triangle” in camera shaped as a Monopoly board.

I did the primary sketch on C4D and went on to test and adapt the the shape in the studio using cardstock, styrene and foamboard. As it’s a camera illusion you have to have camera and lens set up at all times and adjust to the perspective and distortion of the lens. It's was a tricky process, specially in the structure, but as I grew more familiar with how the distortions worked I factored them to the build and got what I wanted.

The final trick for the illusion to work was the easiest, take measurements, adapt the board vector and print the artwork distorted.

Check out the project here.