The Letter L

Some of the english language’s strongest words start with the letter L, I created this series inspired by them. I was also the prop-stylist and maker in this project.

I started from a vector concept art for each idea and set out to explore working with different type designs and to use a different fabrication technique for each image.

To make the barbed wire I used soft aluminum wire shaped to the form of the word. I then covered it with a rustable paint.
To drive 1lb of nails into a board I had to drill pilot holes with a Dremel using a printed template guide.
To build a realistic honeycomb I used hexagonal pencil stubs to get the positive negative shapes. From that I made molds and cast the hero prop.
The dollar bill origami hearts took a team effort to fold, over 350 bils in total, but the plans were available online.

What attracts me the most about this type of project is having these objects in the “real” world. These opens the possibility of improving on the ideas on set, going the extra mile to get images that are truly memorable. The “defects” of the real props are also attracting to me, it is what gives them personality, makes them real and unique.

The series had a logo designed for it. It was planned as an installation but we decided to keep it as a vector only asset. Below you can see a timelapse of the test shoot of how we envisioned it in a real-world setting as an installation.

You can also see a timelapse of honey being poured into "lies".

Concept/Type Design - Juliano Domingues
Concept/Art-Direction - Caro Rebello

Check the project page here.

2015-04-14 16.44.08
2015-04-14 16.43.48
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