Increase your chances of Yes!

A pitch concept for an electric shaver was the starting point for this project that led the creatives and I to make it as a passion project.

"Hairy letters make summer questions”.

In a time of CGI, we used age old techniques to create and shoot these images. We hand drew and sculpted in foam. Turned that into silicone letters and punched real hair into them.

Every letter of the alphabet was fabricated, some with multiples, so we could have complete phrases for our studio shoot.

With the lettering built we were free to find the most interesting camera angle to show this.

It was a hands on project that made me push my fabrication, design and art direction skills.

And yes, there was a lot of letter grooming to get the final shots.

Check out the project page here.

2017-08-07 17.46.17
2017-08-24 12.34.12
2017-08-17 14.14.02
2018-03-05 16.10.02