#GoEqual #Equalpay

Inequality between male and female soccer players' payments is gigantic. 
The best paid male soccer player earned 246 times more than his female counterpart by 2019's numbers.

I created these photo illustrations inspired by Marta de Souza's #GoEqual branded soccer cleats and the #Equalpay hashtag amplified by Megan Rapinoe after the 2018 Womens Soccer World Cup.

Female and tale soccer trophy figures were painted and layed out to camera to make the #Goequal logo. On #Equalpay the figures were digitally placed in an isometric grid in the 246 x 1 Ratio.

Check out the project page here.

Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 11.17.07 AM
Photo Jul 02, 5 49 35 PM
Photo Jun 28, 7 17 43 PM