Facebook I.Org
The Internet is Incomplete.

I worked with the creatives and producers from SidLee New York to develop, shoot and animate the “Internet is Incomplete” concept for Facebook’s global I.org campaign. The process was very collaborative and we sant down many times to go over options of objects we coild use for the campaign, processes and exchange visual ideas.

The campaign concept was “real objects were cut-in-half to show the Internet’s un-explored potential”

Our production hired master builder Makoto Aoki and his team to fabricate and cut our objects using a variety of processes from water-jet to a good old band-saw. Our pro stylist handled all the sourcing and I worked closely with Makoto on the creative and technical side. 

To fit the production of stills and animations in a tight schedule we had 2 sets running at the same time. Props were rigged with animation in mind and the still sets were handed off to the motion team lit
and ready to go.

This made it possible for 2 teams to work side by side, maximizing the production efficiency while giving everyone involved time to create these amazing images post production was handled beautifully by the Ars-Thanea team, who was also involved throughout the shoot.

Check the project page here.