Dell Cinemastream
Don't let Buffering
ruin your movie.

I worked with VMLY&R creating this DOOH series for Dell. From the first conversation we decided to take a practical approach to these animations. The agency gave me layouts for each piece but also gave me freedom to play with the designs.

For Star Wars I added a "metal-scape" illustration to the layout based on the imperial destroier texture. To get the metal effect I mounted black cut vinyl to the matte black plexiglass base with a laser cut dial openings. I mounted “Empire red” gels behind the dial to finish the piece.

For Sixth Sense I had to shoot shadows, rays and an otherwordly tunnel. So I designed and cut a light shaper from blackwrap and put it in front of the single light source to get the "#6" shadow with concentric rays around it. Filled the studio with spray smoke and got the shot.

To make Fight Club I made a custom pink soap with a relief dial on it. To animate the soap I cut the dial in increments.

All 3 pieces had were animated in post using different techniques.

Check the project page here.

2019-02-28 22.20.00_mock-up